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Rates - Specials - Contact for 2011
I can accommodate two adults comfortably in my Mckenzie River  driftboat. We can also fish two adults and one child or two children and one adult. It is crowded with three adults. If your party consists of three or more adults arrangements can be made for group outings if given several days notice.

Your fishing trip with two people is $350.00. Half day trips will be $250.00. For a one angler trip the cost is $250.00 half or full day. Driftboat and river reading lessons are $250.00 for one or two students full day. $175.00 half day driftboat lessons for one or two students. I will be providing lunch for full day fishing trips ($350.00 for two) in 2011.

I have a March Brown special in March and the first half April for $250.00 --- one or two anglers. The hatch usually last about an hour or two and we will be on the water for 3 or 4 hours. If you have a good fly pattern and are a skilled caster you have a chance to hook some big natives at this time of the year. It is before the planted trout are released.

If you would like to float the Mckenzie as a sight seeing trip the cost is $180.00 for two people. The drift is usually 4 to 5 hours (unless more hours are requested) and I will provide a lunch with wine or soft drinks.

Although my specialty is fly-fishing, arrangements can be made for conventional tackle.

tom waters fly fishing on the north umpqua river

I look forward to fishing with you. Contact me via email at or telephone me at  541-895-2708

We still have a real mailbox...
173 Bluejay Loop, Creswell, Oregon, 97426

If my email link doesn't work or if you do not hear from me after a day ... try typing or copying my mail address in your email program ... or just pick up the phone and call me.

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                                Detailed Anadromous Fish Runs in Western Oregon / Fishing the Cottage Grove Area /  Rates - Specials - Contact /